Friday, 20 April 2012

New Vid - Emelie Sandé: My Kind Of Love

A bunch of vids today, sorry if you are behind a 'no Youtube' office firewall. First up is the always impressive Emeli Sandé with an emotional video for My Kind Of Love, her current single off her top notch album Our Version Of Events.

According to Emelie, who studied Medicine at the University of Glasgow before her rise to fame.
“During my time studying medicine, I found it hard to write, but one of the things that inspired me were the patients and the interaction that they had with their loved ones during their time of illness...When people arrived at the hospital, money and status became irrelevant and only health mattered, which sparked an honesty between people which was amazing. This interaction, declaration of support and love, was the inspiration for “My Kind Of Love” and something I wanted to try and portray in this video.”


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