Thursday, 11 July 2013

Other Stuff - Troll Station TV “It’s The Good S**t, The Real Good S**t”

For those in the know, you may well have started to hear the whispers over the last few days about Troll station. The new online TV comedy channel is causing controversy in the internet world after it’s launch only last week and it’s not hard to see why. 
If you haven’t seen it yet then be prepared for mass food fights in the middle of KFC’s, trolleys full of champagne and wide-screen TV’s, members of the public getting harassed and police being offered bags of erm….”real shit….the good shit!” 
Specialising in hidden camera pranks, sketches, parodies and generally anything to do with madness, be prepared to be shocked, crying with laughter and shaking your head in disbelief as these guys see what they can get away with and push the boundaries to the limit! 
Check out other Troll Station TV videos HERE.


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