Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Rising - UK Poet & Author Mr. Essojay

It’s a special time for artists from any and every discipline as the urban world is ready to embrace the arts of all kind. So step forward M.R. Essojay, a poet and author of Nigerian descent. The qualified pharmacist, raised in the creative capital East London, draws his inspiration from a combination of personal experiences and a creative imagination. His style of poetry involves creating relationship scenarios, jolting the imagination of listeners and entertaining them through each piece. 

As a poet he fuses clever wordplay with witty punch lines to deliver the short stories. Typically he uses relevant and emotionally provoking topics to bring to life relationship experiences from a male perspective. His first poetic piece titled ‘Some Women Just Can’t Go Down In Lifestyle’ does exactly this as he takes on the role of an unappreciated boyfriend, ‘…I don’t suppress you which is why you get the attention! And every girl I speak to I make sure you’re mentioned, and I’ve never given reason for my loyalty to be questioned!’ 

Citing rap artists such as Wale and other poets such as Joshua Bennett as his inspiration, it’s no wonder that EssoJay has wordplay and storytelling in abundance. 

Feast your eyes and ears on M.R. Essojay’s follow up poems ‘She Drives Me To Drink’ and ‘Arguments’ which give a telling introduction into his poetic mind and though provoking material. 


Youtube: www.youtube.com/mressojay
Tumblr: www.mr-essojay.tumblr.com
Instagram: @mr_essojay

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